Our specialty is fluoride crystals, for use in several applications, such as lasers, scintillators and phosphors.

Laser crystals offered: undoped and doped with Tm, Ho, Pr, Er, Yb etc.
  • LiLuF4
  • BaY2F8
  • YLF
  • KY3F10
Other fluoride crystals:
  • Cr:LiSAF
  • Cr:LiSGaF
  • Cr:LiCaGaF
  • BaMgF4
  • BaZnF4
Contact us for other crystals not listed here.
Optical coatings fluoride materials:
  • YF3
  • YbF3
  • LuF3
Fluoride up-conversion phosphor materials:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green